At Rebuilding Together Sacramento, we believe in the “Power of Re.” ReBuilding where it
does the most good. ReShaping the quality of life for those most in need. ReNewing whole communities—one home at a time—until the neighborhood becomes a healthier, more vibrant
place to live.

At a time when so many of our veterans, seniors, disabled and poor are living in dilapidated, unsafe or inaccessible housing, “Re” is a practical way to wring the most value out of donations.

See What Different Levels of Giving Can Do

ReNewing Shelter

One family of five lived in a home in which the heater had broken in the middle of winter. Unable to afford repairs, they heated their home with the kitchen stove, which was not only inefficient but also a serious fire hazard! Our volunteers repaired the heater—and returned the stove to its proper role of cooking food.

Many Sacramentans are “shelter” poor, meaning that after paying for necessities such as food, medicine and housing, they cannot afford to make repairs and replacements, even as their home crumbles and major appliances fail.

Your gift of $250 is enough to replace a broken water heater.
Your gift of $600 is enough to provide home heater/air conditioner repairs.

ReStoring Safety and Mobility

One client was a man whose advancing Parkinson's Disease had made it impossible for him to move around at home without fear of falling. Rebuilding Together Sacramento installed grab bars and railings in key areas throughout (including one above the cat dish for feeding time). We also built a ramp leading from his house to the garage, enabling him to come and go more safely.

Every year, one in six Americans 65 and older falls in the home, causing significant injuries and costing over $19 billion per year in medical bills. Simple, cost-effective home modifications make a huge difference in their safety and independence.

Your gift of $25 is enough to install a grab bar (which alone reduces falls by 50% ).
Your gift of $50 is enough to install a shower seat.
Your gift of $500 is enough to build a wheelchair ramp.

ReDiscovering Efficiency

An elderly woman had lived in the same home for 50 years. The house was unbearably drafty, which drove her heating and air bills sky high. Our volunteers caulked the windows and weatherstripped the doors to make the home more airtight and they installed CFL bulbs for greater lighting efficiency. She was happy to be more comfortable and have lower utility bills.

Aging homes not only fall into disrepair, they also tend to be energy inefficient due to old appliances and building materials. Low-income households spend an average 14% of their income on energy, versus 3.5% in most households.

Your gift of $15 is enough to replace old incandescent bulbs with energy efficient CFL/LED bulbs.
Your gift of $75 is enough to provide simple weatherization and help save hundreds of dollars over the years.

ReImagining Community

During her tour in Afghanistan, a solder was injured so badly that she spent nearly two years being transferred in military hospital. She returned home with serious physical and psychological disabilities. What's worse, in her absence, her house had fallen into such disrepair that it was in danger of being condemned. Our volunteers were able to save the house and give our client a proper place to start building a new life.

There is power in numbers. Twice a year we partner with other groups to pool resources and draw even more volunteers for “Rebuild Days,” when we repair around 20 homes in targeted communities—all in one big day!

Your gift of $5000 is enough to supply all the materials and training needed for one house during Rebuild Day. Organizations that become.
House Sponsers enjoy lots of promotional recognition, not to mention a huge sense of civic pride and accomplishment.

Even small donations make a difference—and big donations make a huge difference.